Levels Of Organization

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Levels Of Organization by Mind Map: Levels Of Organization

1. Atom

1.1. smallest unit of matter.

2. Molecule

2.1. made when more than one element bonds together.

3. Macromolecule

3.1. More than one bonded molecules put together. For example, a lipid or a fat molecule.

4. Organelles

4.1. bonded macromolecule bonded together creating organelles.

5. Tissues

5.1. A group of similar cells.

6. Cells

6.1. Membranes are made of three layers. The first layer is the mitochondria. The second layer is the ribosome. The last layer is the vacuole.

7. Organs

7.1. joined tissues which create organs

8. Organ System

8.1. A group of organs that carries certain functions throughout the body. Such as your respiratory system which is one of the organ systems.

9. Organism

9.1. A group of many organ systems to create an organism. Such as humans which are made up of a large amount of organ systems.