Consumer Health Project

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Consumer Health Project by Mind Map: Consumer Health Project

1. Report Writing

1.1. Provide a strategic plan that will improve the healthcare system

2. Aims & Objectives

2.1. To determine the factors influencing post hurricane recovery

2.2. Current limitations to recovery

3. Approach

3.1. Target groups

3.1.1. VI Department of Health

3.1.2. Financial Management Office at the hospital

3.1.3. Healthcare providers

3.1.4. UVI School of Nursing

3.2. Qualitative research technique

3.3. Conduct interviews with 5 persons from each target each

4. Problem

4.1. Health care in St Thomas is in Debt

4.2. Implications

4.2.1. Inproper use of funds

4.2.2. Natural Disaster Recovery

4.2.3. Mismanagement

4.2.4. Only 1 hospital on St.Thomas

5. Question

5.1. Is the health care actually in debt?

5.2. Why is it in debt?

5.3. What are the effects of debt in STT Health care?

5.3.1. Adverse? Barrier to good healthcare

5.3.2. Favourable? IE Community spirit Complementary medicine Readily prepare for disasters in the future

6. Hypothesis

6.1. Poor financial management negatively impacts the healthcare system in St. Thomas

7. Methodology

7.1. Prepared interviews questions

7.2. interview session duration of 25-30 mins

7.3. Consent form

8. Expected Results

8.1. Healthcare System struggles financially

8.1.1. pre-existing financial issues

8.1.2. passage of hurricanes Irma and Maria

8.2. Will improve overtime

9. Results

9.1. Theory Building

9.1.1. Categorized into themes Pre Hurricanes Challenges Improper use of funds Reduced government funding Insurance coverage Problems with billing department Management Post Hurricanes Challenges Structural damages Loss of staff Recovery Assistance from FEMA, federal government and other organizations Future Rebuilding a new hospital Dependent on the future generation There is potential for improvement

9.2. Data analysis

9.2.1. Compare, organize and describe data

10. Discussion

10.1. Current and future healthcare status in St. Thomas

11. References

12. Research Title/Topic

12.1. Financial Management in Health Care (STT, USVI)

13. Ethics

13.1. Consent Forms

13.2. Present Research to IRB

14. Observations

14.1. Structural damages

14.1.1. Schneider Hospital

14.1.2. Cancer Center

14.2. More nurses than doctors

15. Background Info.

15.1. Terminology

15.1.1. Institutional definitions

15.1.2. Health care specific

15.1.3. Financial & Insurance

15.2. Concept

15.2.1. Origin Articles Slow recovery Pre and post Hurricanes problems