Dominicks Brooks Mind Map

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Dominicks Brooks Mind Map by Mind Map: Dominicks Brooks Mind Map

1. Adhd Problems

1.1. Adhd has impacted alot of teens discipline in school.

1.2. teens guys are falling behind.

1.3. out of hand without meds

2. Re-engaging boys

2.1. use meds to help them

2.2. prescribing meds

2.3. not being able to control there habits

3. Lowering the admissions requirements for men

3.1. Not being able to concentrate on one task at hand.

3.2. dont have the higher standers of requirements so needing to lower them for mean not being able to engaging at the tasks.

3.3. men only makes 40% of college do to dropping out, or discipline problems.

4. Boys are falling behind in the us

4.1. Medication is the only think that helps young teen male with adhd pass class

4.1.1. College brang down requirements for men due to them not being able to focus in school as well with adhd They state that female have a high chance of them in college than males