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Digital Competences by Mind Map: Digital Competences

1. Group Conclusion

1.1. As conclusion we can state that in four of five digital competences (Information, Communication, Content creation and Problem solving) we got the intermediate level; however, Jose excelled in the security competence. We consider that we should improve our digital competences for the future, for this new era, because digital competences will help us not only facing new challenges but also to succeed in students learning. All three of us have similar skills, ideas and knowledge. As a team we complement each other with what we already know.

2. Alejandra (Intermediate profile)

2.1. Information

2.1.1. Intermediate level

2.2. Communication

2.2.1. Intermediate level

2.3. Content Creation

2.3.1. Intermediate level

2.4. Security

2.4.1. Intermediate level

2.5. Problem Solving

2.5.1. Intermediate level

2.6. Strengths and weaknesses

2.6.1. As in conclusion, my level is intermediate in each digital competence. It is supposed that I must have strengths and weaknesses but it is not my case. On one hand, it is good not to have weaknesses, but on the other hand, I have to strengthen the content creation in which I had a basic level in copyright and licensing. In short, I need to improve my digital competences.

3. Emily (Intermediate profile)

3.1. Information

3.1.1. Intermediate level

3.2. Communication

3.2.1. Intermediate level

3.3. Content Creation

3.3.1. Intermediate level

3.4. Security

3.4.1. Intermediate level

3.5. Problem Solving

3.5.1. Intermediate level

3.6. Strengths and weaknesses

3.6.1. In short, I got an intermediate level in the five digital competences. However, one of my weaknesses is Citizen Participation Online. According to the test, it involves active online participation where opportunities for personal development are given. As well as the importance of the potential of new technologies for citizen participation. I don't use technology to give my opinion about social problems. Despite that, two of my great strength in digital competences are the resolution of technical problems and the protection of health. Many times I have had problems related to hardware and I based on the solutions offered by the official pages of brands to fix it.

4. José (Intermediate Profile)

4.1. Information

4.1.1. Intermediate level

4.2. Comunication

4.2.1. Intermediate level

4.3. Content Creation

4.3.1. Intermediate level

4.4. Security

4.4.1. Advanced level

4.5. Problem Solving

4.5.1. Intermediate level

4.6. Strengths and Weaknesses

4.6.1. In conclusion, my level is Intermediate. I got intermediate level in 4 of the 5 digital competences and advanced level in one of them. The competence in which I have to improve is "Problem solving" because sometimes I find it a bit difficult to identify and solve a technical problem. I can say that my strengths are communication and security, since I like to use technologies to share and learn about new technological updates. I always put a great importance to the protection of personal data. As well as the protection of my personal devices.

5. 1.- How have you integrated the digital competence into your teamwork in units 1 and 2?

5.1. Unit 1

5.1.1. In unit 1, José was the Content creater, Alejandra was the information manager, and Emily played the role of communicator. However, we did not play the assigned roles because we did not understand the function of each of them. For example, once Jose was the communicator because he sent a homework. Alejandra did not know what role to play. Emily did send some homeworks but not all of them.

5.2. Unit 2

5.2.1. In unit 2, we consider that we are working better than unit 1, that is, this time each person has fulfilled the activities corresponding to each role. For example, Jose was the person in charge of uploading the assigned tasks and checking all the updates, on the other hand Alejandra was committed to the role of content creator, looking for digital tools. Finally, Emily has developed the role of information manager helping the search of corresponding information of data and digital content.

5.3. Conclusion

5.3.1. We think that during these units we have developed our skills in different digital competences due to the fact that we have changed the roles. In agreement with Fuentes & Cortes (2017) developing different abilities is important in order to be the right person in any context such as school or in a job, consequently the development of digital competences will provide us new opportunities.

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