Role of a Teacher

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Role of a Teacher by Mind Map: Role of a Teacher

1. Community

1.1. Wider Community

1.1.1. Be a well regarded member of the community outside of the school environment.

1.1.2. Be a role good role model for students in activities undertaken outside of school.

1.2. School Community

1.2.1. Be a teacher kids respect and wish to engage with.

1.2.2. Be a teacher parents are happy to engage with, particularly in regards to their child(ens) behaviour, wellbeing and academic performance.

2. School

2.1. Assist in creating a school environment that provides the school a reputation of being a great school both academically and personally which students are excited and proud to be part of, and are parents are keen to provide positive feedback about with their colleagues and friends.

3. Classroom

3.1. Develop learning strategies.

3.2. Provide a positive learning environment.

3.3. Provide the ability to meet the students where they are at academically.

3.4. Provide a learning environment that students want to be in and in fact look forward to being a part of.

3.5. Provide an environment in which students can develop their own ideas.

4. TAS Faculty

4.1. Be an innovative member of the team, always looking for new opportunities of engaging and teaching students.

4.2. Be a member who can happily learn from other staff members and may also share knowledge as it becomes applicable and one gains experience.