Women's Suffrage in the US

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Women's Suffrage in the US by Mind Map: Women's Suffrage in the US

1. Susan B. Anthony

1.1. Founded the American Equal Rights Association

1.1.1. Became an editor of a newspaper named "The Revolution" Newspaper belonged to the AERA and supported their goals

1.2. Split from the AERA and formed the National Woman Suffrage Association

1.2.1. NWSA's goal was to push for a constitutional amendment giving women voting rights

1.3. Was an Abolitionist

1.3.1. Had the Quaker belief that all people were equal under God

2. Alice Paul

2.1. Was part of NAWSA

2.1.1. Lead the Washington DC Chapter of NAWSA

2.2. Formed the National Women's Party

2.2.1. Believed that the State by State campaigns of NAWSA were not the best way to gain voting rights but rather wanted to lobby Congress for an amendment

2.3. One of the largest Militant protesters

2.3.1. Formed a protest in DC just before Woodrow Wilson's Election with 8 thousand women

2.4. Educated in both American and English colleges

2.4.1. Took many traits of English protest such as Pickets and Hunger Strikes to the US

3. Elizabeth Cady Stanton

3.1. Was an Abolitionist

3.2. Was one of the creators of the first Woman's Rights Convention

3.3. Was a Frequent collaborator with Susan B. Anthony

3.4. Co-founded NWSA with Susan B. Anthony

4. Lucy Stone

4.1. Part of AERA

4.2. When the NWSA split for the AERA, Stone and others formed the American Woman Suffrage Association

4.3. Edited the "Woman's Journal" the AWSA's newspaper

4.4. Was in every way possible, a trendsetter for women's rights

4.4.1. Didn't Take her husband's last name

4.4.2. Refused to pay taxes based on the "No Taxation without Representation" philosophy

4.5. Was an Abolitionist

5. Ida B. Wells

5.1. Was a founder of the National Association of Colored Women’s Club

5.1.1. Dealt with both Civil Rights and Woman's Suffrage

5.2. Was often Shunned by many Suffragist Organizations because of her stance on Suffragists who ignored Racial issues

5.3. Was present for the founding of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

6. Affects of Woman's Suffrage in the US

6.1. The 19th Amendment was Passed on August 18, 1920

6.1.1. Amendment gave voting rights to Women of the US

6.1.2. Unfortunately, most of the Woman's Suffrage leaders died before this event

6.2. Paved the way for true equality in the US

6.3. Set up for the Equal Rights Amendment

6.3.1. Unfortunately the Amendment was not passed in the end