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Honor Code by Mind Map: Honor Code

1. Boys are receiving lower test scores than girls.

1.1. Example: Henry's grades were plummeting throughout his educational career.

1.2. Evidence: Boys are falling behind in the U.S.

2. Diversity should be extended in all schools.

2.1. Example: As the years passed Henry decided to behave differently from his surroundings.

2.2. Evidence: Schools are pretending to have a diverse community within the school ground but really it's the exact opposite.

3. Students are being neglected due to favoritism because of their behavior.

3.1. Example: For the individuals who have proper manners gets the spotlight on themselves.

3.2. Evidence: The student that is nurting, studious and disciplined seemed to be rewarded and Henry in this case was the exact opposite so he responded by taking himself out of the picture.

4. Boys seem to be immature.

4.1. Example: Henry is rambunctious in his younger years.

4.2. Evidence: His teacher would send notes for him to show his parents because of his disruptiveness in class.