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Honor Code MindMap by Mind Map: Honor Code MindMap

1. School's Only Care About Good Students

1.1. The education system has become culturally cohesive, rewarding and encouraging a certain sort of person

1.2. People who don't fit this cultural idea respond by disengaging and rebelling.

2. Boy's Are Doing Worse in School Than Ever

2.1. 11th grade boys are now writing at the same level as 8th grade girls.

2.2. Boys accounted for nearly three-quarters of Ds and Fs.

2.3. Boys are falling behind not just in the U.S., but in all 35 member-nations of the organization of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and development

3. School's Need to Cooperate with Troubled Students

3.1. Requires leaders who insist more on cultural diversity in school.

3.2. Teachers who celebrate competition.

3.3. Curriculums that teach how to win and how to lose

4. Boys Are getting Outsmarted

4.1. Some of the decline in male performance may be genetic.

4.2. The information age rewards people who mature early, who are verbally and socially sophisticated, who can control their impulses.

4.3. Girls may, on average, do better at these things.