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How did dictators use propaganda and/or terror to maintain their power by Mind Map: How did dictators use propaganda
and/or terror to maintain their
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How did dictators use propaganda and/or terror to maintain their power

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...


Secret Police

SS led by Himmler was to destroy opposition and enforce Nazi racial policies

Gestapo led by Heydrich arrested and tortured opposition to gain confessions

Concentration Camps

Many of Hitlers opposition sent to labour camps such as Dachau

Death/Extermination Camps

During The Final Solution, some concentration camps became death camps where innocent people including Jews and Gypsies were murdered

Propaganda and Terror

1. Goebbels was appointed as Minister of Enlightenment and Propaganda

Used all media to influence public opinion

2.Newspapers And Books

1933 book burning to destroy books with anti-Nazi ideas.

All anti-Nazi newspapers closed down and Jewish editors fired

One official news bureau was run by Goebbels who instructed the writers on views to take.

3. Radio

Encouraged to buy peoples radio which could only pick up Nazi channels.

Loudspeakers in streets and bars for those not within reach of a radio.

Short-wave radio stations to broadcast abroad.

4. Riefenstahl and Cinema

Cinema to boast about Hitler and German achievements

Anti-Semitic films such as "The Eternal Jew"

Propaganda films, Leni Riefenstahl, Famous filmmaker- "The Triumph of The Will" about the 1934 Nuremberg Rally

5. Rallies And Parades

Gatherings influenced public opinion as they created feelings of order, strength and togetherness

Berlin Olympics 1936 as huge propaganda

Nuremberg Rallies created new enthusiasm among supporters

6. Cult of Personality

Slogans e.g "Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Fuhrer

Staged photos, meetings, portraits of Hitler

Cult of leader promoted worship of Hitler

Propaganda Posters

This poster compares Hitler to Jesus

This is an advertisement for ant Anti-Semitic film

This is a poster encouraging young people to join the Hitler Youth

Education as Propaganda


All subjects used to get across Nazi ideas

Children Taught to love their Furher

Boys---> Military

Girls---> Housekeeping

Indoctrinated with Nazi Ideas

Nazi Youth Groups

Compulsory after 1936

Boys joined the Hitler Youth, Camping, hiking, Military discipline

Girls joined the League of German Maidens, Healthcare, Preparation for motherhood

Youth Opposition- "The Swingers"

Groups of young people who listened to American or English muscic

They disputed Hitler Youth patrols and were severely punished

Groups such as the Navajos and Edelweiss Pirates were swingers