Learning Experience #3 -- Johnnie's Case Grade 6

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Learning Experience #3 -- Johnnie's Case Grade 6 by Mind Map: Learning Experience #3 -- Johnnie's Case Grade 6

1. Creating a Welcoming Environment

1.1. - Posters that emphasize culture and languages have been posted on the walls of the classroom

1.2. - Johnnie enjoys having some opportunities to present and share his language with classmates and teachers

1.3. - Johnnie has been introduced to other classmates and has shown to relate to others with using his language

1.4. - The teacher has made strong efforts in supporting Johnnie to develop basic English competencies within the classroom by asking simple questions, giving short responses, not writing in cursive, highlighting Canadian cultural expressions.

2. STEP Levels and Moving Forward

2.1. Reading - Is able to demonstrate understanding and find information in different types of texts with some visuals. Going forward, is working towards not relying on visuals to grasp ideas.

2.2. Reading - Enjoys reading comics most as they heavily involve the use of visuals

2.3. Oral - Has made a considerable amount of progress in responding to and asking simple questions.

2.4. Oral - Is finding it difficult to maintain conversations and generally needs more time in creating follow-up questions and answering more difficult questions

2.5. Writing - Performs best when given the opportunity to organize and develop work with graphic organizers and picture dictionaries.

2.6. Writing - Can write different types of sentences, in simple forms. Has shown to be able to write in compound sentences as well. Sometimes has to be reminded to do this.

2.7. Will edit work with the use of simple guided questions from teacher

3. Classroom Adjustments -- Accommodation and Modifications

3.1. Accommodation - Seated closer to teacher for easy support

3.2. Accommodation - Benefits from the use of audio books, electronic translators and word to text technologies

3.3. Accomodation - Uses graphic organizers, modelled work examples in the planning and structuring of assignments

3.4. Accommodation - Enjoys using L1 to confirm understanding of vocabulary in English

3.5. Modifications - Expected to use simple sentences in the development of pieces of written work

3.6. Modifications - Shorter tests and assignments with questions asked in a simpler way

3.7. Modifications - Ignore spelling mistakes

4. Differentiated Learning

4.1. - When given feedback on written work , Johnnie is often encouraged to fix or elaborate on things within his learning goals (i.e. presenting clear and complete sentences, using relevant vocabulary, joining ideas with the words and, or, but)

4.2. Tested on the 'big ideas' within subjects related to Science, Social Studies, etc.

4.3. Continual assessments in order to recognize Johnnie's progress and growth

4.4. ESL classes every morning to assist with Johnnie's working abilities within the English language

5. Universal Design Learning

5.1. Work is modelled and posted around the classroom for all learners

5.2. Expectations are created and discussed as a large group

5.3. Work is often scaffolded through the use of modelling techniques, graphic organizers and continual feedback

5.4. Instructions and tasks are simple and chunked into smaller steps

6. Background and Transitioning

6.1. - From China and has arrived into Canada with mom

6.2. - Dad and other family members still reside in China

6.3. - Speaks Mandarin and has little experience learning English prior to coming to Canada

6.4. - Mother is present and is involved in the child's progress within the school

6.5. - Mother and school are making efforts in Junior participating in community programs