Introduction to Educational Technology

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Introduction to Educational Technology by Mind Map: Introduction to Educational Technology

1. Website Evaluation

1.1. Find out if it is appropriate

1.2. See if it is helpful

2. Digital Divide

2.1. Some places are more fortunate than others

2.2. Some people have WiFi while others do not

3. Word, PowerPoint, Excel

3.1. Simple to use

3.2. Universal and easy to take with you on a thumb drive

3.3. Something every teacher should be able to use

4. Teaching in the Cloud

4.1. Always on the Internet for you to see

4.2. Don't have to take it anywhere with you

4.3. Easy to access

5. Asynchronous & Synchronous Communication

5.1. Like an online website

5.2. People can go there to refer back to things

5.3. There are many things you can put on their for your students to see

6. Mapping

6.1. People can see what is going on through a simple layout

6.2. Gives an overview of what is happening

6.3. Could be used with as much or as little detail as you want