Reconstruction Of South

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Reconstruction Of South by Mind Map: Reconstruction Of South

1. Amendment Fifteen is made

2. Amendment fourteen is made

3. Amendment thirteen is made.

4. Johnson

4.1. Fired War Sectary Edwin M. Stanton

4.2. Johnson's Plan gave blacks more rights but they could not vote.

4.3. South Sympathizer was too easy on the south.

4.4. Was a racist democrat.

4.5. Tried to follow in Lincolns steps but was deeply despised by congress and radical republicans

4.6. Worked With Abraham Lincoln

4.7. Constantly Vetoing BIlls from Congress

5. Lincoln

5.1. Ten Percent Plan

5.2. Emancipation Proclamation: Civil War

5.3. Republican

5.4. Wanted to Unite the United States Again.

5.5. Didn't want to punish previous Confederates but to ease them back into the United States.

5.6. Worked With Andrew Johnson

5.7. Made Ulysses S Grant general in the Civil War

6. Congress/Radical Republicans.

6.1. Wanted To Impeach Johnson

6.2. Multiple bills vetoed and passed through.

6.3. Held Trial For Johnsons Impeachment

6.4. As Johnson is impeached Ulysses the general from the Civil War becomes the President of the United States.

7. Ulysses

7.1. Made the first national park during presidentcy

7.2. Worked to Elimate the KKK.

7.3. Was accused of scandals.

7.4. Worked with former slaves and wanted to strengthen civil rights for them.

7.5. War hero to the president of the U.S.

7.6. Liked by a lot of people while also being hated by others.