Driverless Car

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Driverless Car by Mind Map: Driverless Car

1. what are the advantages of driverless car

1.1. avoid accidents

1.2. reduce stress of theroad

1.3. prevent the millions of carbon emissions

1.4. more convenient to old people

2. What the impact of driverless car?

2.1. What the social effect of driverless car?

2.2. How would the future driverless market like?

2.3. What the economy effect by the driverless car?

3. what are the disadvantages of driverless car

3.1. unfinished new high technologies could produce more problems

4. does the driverless technology popularisation and does the future development of self-driving car optimistic?

4.1. Which social group is the most beneficiaries of self-driving technology?

4.2. Does the acceptability of Driverless technology optimistic?

4.3. What’s the social evaluate of new technology?