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CWF 11 - Day 1 by Mind Map: CWF 11 - Day 1

1. Jimmy Wales

1.1. Failure

1.2. Nurtures creativity & innovation

1.3. Jimmy wales is good at it

1.4. Really dumb idea

1.5. Free encyclopedia

1.5.1. Free License Copy Distribute Re-use Commercial Or not Local initiatives School Offline in areas w/o Internet Editing for safe content 420,000,000+ readers

1.5.2. Crowdsourcing Thousands of writers 20 million articles 270 languages Access too geeky 87% male 26 yrs old PhD Amateur Knowledge Content Knowledge = human rights Organization Wikimedia New Node

1.5.3. Future development Develop in India Hindi = 68,000 articles Small / mid-size of articles / language Several languages Apply same to... Beyond encyclopedia Wikia

1.6. Failure culture

1.6.1. Failing is better than not doing anything

1.6.2. Not usual view in some countries

2. Peter Hinsen

2.1. The new normal

2.1.1. How tech is changing our lives

2.1.2. Digital revolution

2.2. The flip

2.2.1. S curves From novelty... To normality! We're only half way

2.2.2. New references Gen Y Do not remember 1st half of the curve Not now but future, the limit

2.2.3. New consumption Rule #1 = 0 tolerance for digital failure Rule #2 = speed, good enough is enough

2.2.4. Education Not evolving fast enough Not in sync with today's generations Online sources Cf Inspiration Attention deficit Multi tasking Attention span Gamification

3. Keith Sawyer

3.1. Author "group genius"

3.2. Collab everywhere

3.2.1. Any work requires Collab

3.2.2. Creativity requires Collab

3.3. Mass collaboration

3.3.1. Collective intelligence

3.3.2. No central guidance

3.3.3. We're social beings

3.3.4. Not purely linked to technology

3.3.5. Jazz & impro theater Coordinate Improvision Boosts creativity Not predictable Not controlled

3.4. It works in the serious world

3.4.1. WL Gore Serial innovators 14 industrial areas Gore tex Floss ... 10% of time on any projects Radical projects Surprising projects Examples

3.4.2. C Darwin Theory of natural selection Example of Collab Outlines theory Shares Discusses Gets inputs from other ppl Creativity does not come from 1 single person

3.4.3. Writers Tolkien Lords of rings Collab in pub Even areas we qualify as solitarybactivities

3.4.4. Invention of planes Wright brothers Other pilots / inventors Innovation does not stop Wright brothers stopped Innovation continued elsewhere (Europe)

3.5. End of the myths

3.5.1. No lone geniuses Lots of small ideas From many ppl We're all able to be creative

3.5.2. No immediate success Failure Multiple iterations Cf Jimmy Wales

3.5.3. Emergence over time

3.5.4. Collaborative web ~ Open source Not tight to technology Everyone contributes a little Incremental process

3.6. Workshop

3.6.1. "enhancing creativity"

3.6.2. How to overcome impasse Time off! Incremental process Creativity comes when you least expect it

3.6.3. Stages of creative process John Reed Banking industry (city bank) How to make money in retail banking Eureka moment 5 steps #1 - Preparation Long process Hard work Training & education Frequent conversations 10 year rule Build on what already exists #2 - Incubation Time off Multiple projects #3 - Insight Lots of bad ideas Intuition when getting closer to solution Diversity boosts creativity #4 - Selection Brainstorming More efficient to select than to create #5 - Elaboration Make it happen Requires Only 10% of ideas become a product Chain reaction

3.6.4. Creativity techniques Combine concepts Visual creativity Total freedom does not work Guidance & rules Otherwise you stick to what you know

4. Malcolm Gladwell

4.1. We award the ppl who are the 1st to come up w/ a new idea

4.2. 1st?

4.2.1. Story from 1982 PLO bombs Israel from Lebanon Israel attacks Syria forces in Lebanon Israel crushes Syria military Extraordinary win Why? New innovative technology! Israel did not invent any of the technology they used

4.2.2. Xerox park Massive budget / facilities to innovate Gather lots of scientists Limited guidelines "reinvent the office" Innovation / ideas Laser printer Word processing PDF Operating system ... 1979 S Jobs visit Sees all innovation by Xerox Gets back to Apple Geniuses were not thinking about consumers! They were inventing the future Not thinking on market Steve Jobs was

4.2.3. Lessons from Apple Never 1st! Cf Xerox for computer iPod iPhone iPad Steal an idea & make it better

4.3. 3rd!

4.3.1. Cost of being 1st What makes you a good innovator Does not make you the best to make it happen

4.3.2. Tweakers Improves Refines Perfects Combine "old" Design > Russia had idea of using RMA Build > The US created drones & AWACS Implement > Israel made it a reality 3 different cultures if innovation Benefits from the group Early adopters Learn from experience

4.4. Pace innovation exceeds our capacity to understand it

4.4.1. Xerox Expensive computer Because used to sell copiers Big Expensive No other references

4.4.2. Apple Time To understand technology To understand how ppl want to use it

4.4.3. Other examples eBook reader 1st = Sony 2nd = Amazon Kindle Facebook Google Not 1st search engine Tweaked and made the difference

4.5. The one w/ the least resources will make the difference

4.5.1. Shoestring Israel vs US / Russia Apple vs Xerox

4.5.2. Low resources forces to focus on the core

4.6. Public vs private sector?

4.6.1. Public = 1st Research labs Universities Fundamental research Ideas Budget / funding

4.6.2. Private = 3rd Focus on tweaking Market centric Shoestring

4.7. Patent & IP protection?

4.7.1. Stealing ideas???

4.7.2. No real answer...

4.8.