Radiologic Technologist, RT

Radiologic Technologist concept map

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Radiologic Technologist, RT by Mind Map: Radiologic Technologist, RT

1. What is the average salary for an RT?

1.1. Radiologic Technologists

1.2. Salary in San Antonio area?

1.3. Highest salary in country?

2. What is the RT job outlook?

2.1. Expectancy to grow?

2.2. Job security?


3. Are there any health risks that go along with the RT field?

3.1. U.S. Radiologic Technologists (USRT)

3.2. Disease exposure in medical setting

3.3. Risk of radiation exposure

4. What are the job expectations of an RT?

5. What are the job expectations of an radiologic technologist?


5.2. Duties of an RT

5.3. Opportunity to grow