levels of organization

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levels of organization by Mind Map: levels of organization

1. organism

2. organ system

2.1. examples of an organ include the stomach and the heart

2.2. some organs are called hallow organs.

2.3. a group of organs that work together to preform one or more functions

3. organs

3.1. humans have five vital organs

3.2. some organs are the stomach, intestians, and the heart

3.3. the organs are the brain, heart, kidneys , liver, and lungs.

4. tissues

4.1. both of these things protect the tendons, carlige, and store energy.

4.2. its also made of fiber

4.3. a tissue is made of cells

5. cells

5.1. cells provide structure for the body

5.2. humans have trillions of cells

5.3. there are cells in your body

6. organelles

6.1. this is a discrete structure

6.2. most are surrounded by membranes

6.3. this is a cellular structure

7. macromolecule

7.1. protein is a part of this

7.2. this had liquid or fats

7.3. this is a very large molecule

8. atoms

8.1. atoms are very small

8.2. everything is made of atoms

8.3. atoms are everywhere