Possible Uses for MindMeister Mindmaps

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Possible Uses for MindMeister Mindmaps by Mind Map: Possible Uses for MindMeister Mindmaps

1. Reading

1.1. Character Traits of Book Characters

1.2. Organizing New Nonfiction Facts

1.3. Comparing Characters or Books

2. Writing

2.1. Organizing/Planning Stories

2.2. Help group brainstorm ideas to write projects

2.3. Organize facts to include in nonfiction writing

2.4. Directions from teacher for different sections of writing

3. Math

3.1. Identify characteristics of different geometrical shapes

3.2. Brainstorm steps to solve story problems

3.3. Create many different ways to represent numbers

4. Science

4.1. Describe characteristics of animals or plants

4.2. Organize the directions and observations during an experiment

4.3. Track changes (growth of plants) over a period of time

5. Social Studies

5.1. Describe characteristics of geographical regions

5.2. Identify characteristics of famous figures or places

5.3. Create timelines to show how things change

6. Other

6.1. plan out units/ lesson activities with teammates

6.2. organize meeting agendas for school committees

6.3. plan for school events