Present Continuous

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Present Continuous by Mind Map: Present Continuous

1. Auxiliar (to be)

1.1. I am he, she, it is you, we, they are

2. use to talk aubout actions that are happening at the moment of speaking.

3. uself phrases: now,in this momet, just now, right now.

4. Affirmative Sentences: Sujeto + verbo auxiliar (to be) + verbo+ing.

4.1. I am getting up early next week. He is playing in the park.

5. Negative Sentences : Sujeto + verbo auxiliar (to be) + auxiliar negativo (not) + verbo+ing. I’m not talking He’s not [He isn’t] eating

6. Interrogative Sentences: Verbo auxiliar (to be) + sujeto + verbo+ing?

6.1. Are you talking? Are they learning?