Genius Hour Project Ideas

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Genius Hour Project Ideas by Mind Map: Genius Hour Project Ideas

1. ***Question Focus: Geneology "If you don't know your history, then you don't know anything. You are a leaf that doesn't know it is part of a tree." --Michael Crichton

1.1. Who are my ancestors? ***2. REVISED: How do my ancestors connect me to knowledge?

1.1.1. Where did they come from? REVISED: How does my ancestors' homeland impact my life? Did they speak any other languages? Did they leave their native country? REVISED: Why do I think they left the land they knew as home?

1.1.2. Are there any similarities between them and me? REVISED: What does my ancestors (and their life experiences) remind me of in my own life? What are their personalities? REVISED: Who/What impacts me most? What resources are there? Personal histories? Autobiographies? Histories? Stories? What do they look like Are there photographs of them?

1.2. What can I learn from ancestors? ***1. REVISED: What would I do if I could meet my ancestors face to face?

1.2.1. Any life lessons they learned?

1.2.2. I love quotes. Any quotes from my ancestors that I can pull strength from? ***3. REVISED: How do I pull strength from my ancestors?

1.3. Where would I start? REVISED: How do I connect to my ancestors?

1.3.1. Do I look at all sides or pick just one side and go from there?

1.3.2. Are there sources other than MyFamilySearch? What has happened to any hard copy resources? (I know my grandpa has spent a lot of time in past compiling histories...)

2. Question Focus: Home

2.1. Addition

2.1.1. Draw house plans

2.2. Organized

2.3. Kids Chores

2.3.1. How can kids feel more responsible for our home?

2.3.2. What options to do when chore chart isn't working. Why aren't they working?

3. Question Focus: Finances "A penny saved is a penny earned." --Benjamin Franklin

3.1. Loans/Interest/Debt

3.1.1. How can I make interest work for me, not against me?

4. Question Focus: Scheduling Town Hall "Don't agonize, organize" --Florynce Kennedy

4.1. What benefits are there to online scheduling (Town Hall)?

4.1.1. What does it take to set up a website with online scheduler?

5. Question Focus: Mothering "Of all the things I'll ever do in my lifetime, Mothering My Children will always be my great- est accomplishment." (Source unknown)

5.1. Finding time for self/Balance

5.2. What else can help a stubborn child want to potty train?