Emotional Responding in the Central Nervous System

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Emotional Responding in the Central Nervous System by Mind Map: Emotional Responding in the Central Nervous System

1. relationship between fMRI activation and distinct emotions use MVPC to map dimensional or categorical models

2. Decoding Emotional Perception

2.1. use BOLD activation patterns

2.2. facial, vocal, and gestural expressions

2.2.1. motivating behavior and social communication (Adolphs, 2002)

2.3. facial expressions

2.3.1. Moore, Engell, Todorov, & Haxby, 201 regions : frontal operculum ant& post aspects of STS

2.3.2. Pessoa & Padmala, 2007 faces with happy, neutral, and fearful facial expressions / subliminal durations (33 or 67 ms) neutral face masks fearful face? Aim: fMRI activation could predict the response? mental state of perceived fear 2005 more regions: increasing accuracy Information contributed by the amygdala

2.3.3. Open area of research response patterns are similar to prototypical expressions?

2.4. human vocalizations

2.4.1. categorical specificity of fMRI activation patterns

2.4.2. Studies Ethofer, van De Ville, Scherer, & Vuilleumier, 2009 Region:Voice sensitive regions of auditory cortex