Past Projects

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Past Projects by Mind Map: Past Projects

1. Year 1 - Unit 1 - 2

1.1. Unit 1 & 2 - Emotive Project

1.1.1. For this unit we were asked to produce a one minute video that portrayed an emotion of our choice.

1.1.2. I decided to portray sadness in my video. The plot of my video was a girl in a wheelchair being pushed along a street watching people do things she can't.

1.1.3. During this project i enjoyed research and planning, however i found the filming and editing difficult

2. Year 2

2.1. Unit 9

2.1.1. Film Noir For this project we had to create a film noir inspired scene. I decided to create an office scene in which a woman goes to see a detective I enjoyed planning the project and planning the costumes for the characters

2.1.2. Censorship Were asked to research censorship and film and the film regulations and then do narration and put pictures with the narration I enjoyed researching for this project however I couldn't find pictures to put with the narration

2.1.3. TV Advert We were asked to produce a 30 second advert to advertise our own product I decided to make a chocolate advert, I used character animator the creating my advert During this project I enjoyed the planning and creating a brand for my product, however I found the editing difficult because I hadn't had experience with the software I used before

2.2. Unit 11 - Work Experience

2.2.1. We were asked to complete a SWOT analysis and compare it with the one we did last year, we also had to analyse job applications and update our 5 year plan and CV. As well as this we had to do a podcast talk about our career plan.

2.2.2. I enjoyed most of this unit however I found the podcast the podcast difficult as I don't like recording my voice

3. Year 1 - Unit 7 - 8

3.1. Unit 7 - Interative Media

3.1.1. We were asked to create a website to promote ourselves and our work

3.1.2. I enjoyed all of this project, I enjoyed creating my logo and designing my own website

3.2. Unit 8 - FMP

3.2.1. We were asked to create a video product of our choice. We had complete creative freedom

3.2.2. For my project I decided to create a short film about suicide

3.2.3. During this project I enjoyed the planning and research aspects but struggled with filming and editing as some of the clips I managed to film weren't high quality. In the end my project was just the opening scene as I ran out of time to film. Another thing I enjoyed during this project was writing the script

4. Year 1 - Unit 6

4.1. Unit 6 - Looks Good

4.1.1. Green Screen We were given green screen clips to edit, for example we green screened a time travel video and a couple dancing. I found the green screen projects difficult because the editing process was complex and very detailed

4.1.2. Set Extensions We were given images and videos to add other images into, examples of this are, pyramids in the dessert, crop circle in a field During this project overall I struggled with editing all the clips

5. Year 1 - Unit 5

5.1. Unit 5 - Sounds Good

5.1.1. Sound Story For this project we were asked to create a story using sounds and then take pictures that would go with the story we had made My sound story was about a woman who finds out her husband died and then she plays a song on the radio and remembers their life together During this project i enjoyed the fact that we had to use our imagination and that the focus was on the sound, I also enjoyed finding all the sounds for the project. However i found that it took a long time to edit and put all the sounds together

5.1.2. Children's Show We were asked to put audio with a children's show, we had to find the sounds and put them together and add narration I enjoyed finding the sounds to go with the video and writing the script for the children's show, however I did find it difficult to sync the sounds with the movements in the video

5.1.3. Foley Sounds We were given the opening scene to the nightmare before Christmas without sound and asked to record the sounds that were in the originally scene using items of our choice I enjoyed researching and planning for this project

5.1.4. The Sixth Sense - Audio Syncing We were given the audio and the video for a scene in the sixth sense and asked to sync the audio track with the video I found this project difficult because I struggled to sync the audio and couldn't manage to do it.

5.1.5. Soundscape Story We were given a set of pictures and asked to choose one and then create an audio story inspired by the picture During this project I enjoyed planning and coming up with ideas for the story, I also enjoyed finding the sounds, however I found that editing it all together.

6. Year 1 - Unit 3 - 4

6.1. Unit 3 - Work Experience

6.1.1. For this unit we were asked to create a CV and 5 year plan and to analyse job applications. We ao had to carry out a SWOT Analysis and list our strengths and weakness and the oppurtunities we had as well as threats we would face

6.1.2. I enjoyed researching for this unit and lookking at the skills and qualities needed for jobs

6.2. Unit 4 - Film Analysis Essay

6.2.1. For this unit we had to watch films of a different genre and analyse and compare them, while linking them to theories

6.2.2. I really enjoyed researching for this essay