Learning styles studies

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Learning styles studies by Mind Map: Learning styles studies

1. Society for the teaching of psychology: The Scientific Status of Learning Styles Theories

1.1. Daniel T. Willingham1 , Elizabeth M. Hughes2 , and David G. Dobolyi1

1.2. 2015

1.3. "Learning style theories have not panned out"

1.4. There is reason to think that people view learning styles theories as broadly accurate, but, in fact, scientific support for these theories is lacking. We suggest that educators’ time and energy are better spent on other theories that might aid instruction.

2. British Journal of Psychology: Learning style, judgements of learning, and learning of verbal and visual information.

2.1. Knoll AR, Otani H, Skeel RL, Van Horn KR

2.2. Sept 2016

2.3. Students who preferred learning visually thought they would remember picture better etc.

2.4. Their preference had no correlation with memory

2.5. Not a learning style, rather a preference for what they like

3. Anatomical Sciences Education: Another Nail in the Coffin for Learning Styles?

3.1. Polly R Husmann, Valerie Dean O'Loughlin

3.2. Jan 2019

3.3. Had students undertake VARK questionnaire

3.4. Gave them study strategies based on learning style

3.5. Students did not study in ways according to learning style

3.6. Those who did had no more success than those who didn't