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Robotics by Mind Map: Robotics

1. Grade 4 Language Arts and Grade 4 Pulleys and Gears

1.1. Science: Design, build and test a gear system that performs a specific task

1.1.1. Language Arts: Generate ideas about a potential topic using a variety of strategies and resources

1.2. Science: Use a variety of forms to communicate with different audiences for a variety of purposes

1.2.1. Language Arts: sort and classify ideas and information for their writing in a variety of ways

1.2.2. Language Arts: use specific words and phrases to create an intended impression

1.3. Science: follow established safety procedures for working with machinery

1.3.1. Language Arts: demonstrate understanding of a variety of texts by summarizing important ideas and citing supporting details

1.4. Science: describe the purposes of pulley systems and gear systems

1.5. Science: describe how one type of motion can be transformed into another type of motion using pulleys or gears

1.5.1. Language Arts: write more complex texts using a variety of forms

1.6. Science: identify pulley systems and gear systems that are used in daily life, and explain the purpose and basic operation of each

1.6.1. Language Arts: identify the topic, purpose, and audience for a variety of writing forms