Offering products & services

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Offering products & services by Mind Map: Offering products & services

1. Learn and evolve

1.1. Physical products

1.1.1. How are market trends changing?

1.1.2. In which products should I invest?

1.1.3. Which products should I discontinue?

1.1.4. What are clients asking for that I don't have?

1.1.5. Why are we losing deals? Is it our unit price? Should we change providers? Is it our delivery time? Should we change distributors? Is it our products? Bad quality? No market fit?

1.2. Creative services

1.2.1. What resources are being more requested?

1.2.2. Any new client needs/areas that we don't solve but we could invest in?

1.2.3. Why are we losing deals? Is it our TIM rate? Is it our portfolio? Is it our approach? Is it our lack of resources?

2. Adapt

2.1. Products

2.1.1. Order more stock

2.1.2. Sell away stock

2.1.3. Create new products

2.2. Services

2.2.1. Hire more resources

2.2.2. Lower the hour rate

2.2.3. Learn new skills

3. Profit

3.1. Estimate

3.1.1. How much income will we collect until the end of the year?

3.1.2. What is our margin?

3.1.3. Is it enough to pay our salaries?

3.1.4. In the end of the month, what will my salary be?

3.1.5. How many new deals do I need to start to reach my desired salary or company goal?

3.2. Real

3.2.1. How much will I receive from commissions this month?

3.2.2. How much added profit am I bringing to the company every month?

3.2.3. How much in taxes will I need to pay in the end of the year?

3.3. Get paid

3.3.1. Send commissions report

3.3.2. Send Invoice

3.3.3. Online payment

3.3.4. Send receipt

4. Start the offer

4.1. Products

4.2. Services

4.2.1. Project kick off Team meeting hand over Deal details Services included Proposal Contract Timeline Time to start Time to finish Milestones Client's contact people

5. What shall I offer?

5.1. Physical products

5.1.1. Client needs What have I been selling to this client? What similar products or categories have I sold to other clients? What else could I offer to this client?

5.1.2. Client budget At what price have I been selling the products the client wants? Should I offer a discount? What should my margin be?

5.1.3. Client timeline Which products take more time to arrive? When would the client need the products? How long will it take to arrive to my customer? Do I need to order more stock? Is there any incoming stock?

5.2. Services

5.2.1. Client needs Do we do what the client is looking for? What similar projects have I done with other clients? How did we help the others clients? Did they go well? Did I win or lose money? Was my offer estimate accurate? What else can i add or up sell?

5.2.2. Client budget What can I do for that budget? What similar projects have I done for that budget? At what rate have I been selling my time in materials? How much would it cost, roughly, to do what the client is asking? If I would do everything the client wants, what would my TIM rate need to be to match the budget?

5.2.3. Client timeline Do I have free resources by then? Do I need to hire more resources? When does the client want to start? How long would the project take? How much time would it take, roughly, to do what the client is asking?

6. Creating the offer

6.1. Products

6.1.1. Add client details Name Address

6.1.2. Create list of products Add product Add unit price Add quantity Add currency Add margin Add discount

6.1.3. When it would be sent

6.1.4. How much time to arrive

6.1.5. How much it would cost

6.1.6. Send offer By email By online tool

6.1.7. Discuss the offer Over the phone In person

6.1.8. Change the offer

6.1.9. Agree on the offer Sign it Pay Create contract

6.2. Services

6.2.1. Add client details

6.2.2. Introduce company

6.2.3. How client challenge will be addressed How we look at the problem How others solve it How we would solve it

6.2.4. What we would need to do to solve it Add service / project task Add description Add price Add optional

6.2.5. When it could start

6.2.6. How much time it would take

6.2.7. How many resources

6.2.8. How much it would cost

6.2.9. Send the offer By email By online tool

6.2.10. Discuss the offer Over the phone In person

6.2.11. Change the offer

6.2.12. Agree on the offer Sign it Pay Create contract

7. Manage my stock

7.1. Products

7.1.1. Information Find an existing product Create a new product Delete an existing product Edit an existing product

7.1.2. Stock Increase number Decrease number

7.2. Services

7.2.1. Information Find an existing service Create a new service Edit an existing service Delete an existing service

8. Features

8.1. Organization

8.1.1. Products sold in the past

8.2. Product detail

8.2.1. Stock number

8.3. Products

8.4. Reporting

8.5. Proposal

8.5.1. (list of products/services) Variables that need to be considered

8.6. Form

8.6.1. Estimating time in materials for project tasks (Auto) Calculate value for service in deal

8.6.2. Warehouse colleague adds or removes stock

8.6.3. Creating/Finding deals as POS for front office teams

8.6.4. Receiving invoicing details from client

8.6.5. Receiving project feedback from project team

8.6.6. Opening tickets or doubt requests from project team

8.7. Attach modal

8.7.1. Why do I need to go to reporting to see more info on the products?

8.7.2. Add products inline, instead of search