Technology and its Integration into Bloom's

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Technology and its Integration into Bloom's by Mind Map: Technology and its Integration into Bloom's

1. Creating

1.1. Student create a mind map/graphic organizer to represent their understanding of a topic.

1.1.1. Mindmeister

1.1.2. Popplet

1.1.3. Sketchboard

1.1.4. Coggle

2. Remembering

2.1. Online Assessment Tools

2.1.1. Quizizz: Free quizzes for every student

2.1.2. Kahoot! | Learning Games | Make Learning Awesome!

3. Understanding

3.1. Students write a create a video about a water droplet as it moves through the water cycle to show their understanding of the process.

3.1.1. Powtoon | Create Awesome Videos Yourself

3.1.2. iMovie

4. Applying

4.1. Students apply their understanding of math concepts to real-world scenarios.

4.1.1. Mathalicious: Real World Math Problems

5. Analyzing

5.1. Students build a successful roller coaster. If the design doesn't work, students must analyze their design and make corrections.

5.1.1. Coaster Creator

5.1.2. Welcome to Amusement Park Physics

6. Evaluating

6.1. Students collect mineral samples, take them to a lab, perform tests on color, hardness, luster, and streak. Students evaluate the results to identify the minerals.

6.1.1. MasterMines