FSSB User interface customization

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FSSB User interface customization by Mind Map: FSSB User interface customization

1. Home page

1.1. Menus

1.1.1. My Hotel - Button Facilities Fitness Centre Restaurant Business Centre Meeting Room Swimming Pool Fraser Rooms Studio Apartments 3 bed rooms 2 bed rooms 1 bed room Penthhouse

1.1.2. Entertainment - Button TV Channels - Button It has all of the 55 channels Movies - Button FSSB would have to add movies Music - Button FSSB would have to purchase music files and classify in here based on library either English or Arabic Radio - Button FM Radio will be available here which will be available for the guest.

1.1.3. Services - Button View Bill - Button Another integrated service with which the guest can see his outstanding bills on the IPTV screen Message Notification - Button This is being sent from the front office to the guest from the PMS system Alarm - Button Fix Normal Alarm for Wake-up Call May I Help You? - Button Hot Place Assistance Fused Bulb Damage Reporting AC Assistance Room Cleaning Laundry Collection Request Additional Bed Additional Amenities Cleaning Table Other Services Doorlock Assistance TV / DVD Assistance Power Outage

1.1.4. Directories - Button Guest Service Embassy Contacts Wallet Parking Airlines Contact Telephone Numbers Rent A Car Bahrain Tourist Places

1.1.5. Bookings - Button Laundry Book Now Button View All Services Image Text Others or anything FSSB requires Book Now Button View All Services Image Text SPA Book Now Button View All Services Image Text

1.2. Time

1.3. Welcome <<gues Name>>

1.4. top side logo

1.5. left side animation

1.6. Weather on the right side

1.7. background elements