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California by Mind Map: California

1. Residents

1.1. With 39.6 million residents, California is the most populous U.S. state

2. Celebs

2.1. There are a lote of celeb people who live and work in California • Marcus Allen – football player • Dwayne Johnson - actor • Ariana Grande - singer

3. Music

3.1. California is the center of the • entertainment and • music industries There are alot of music festivals all the year

4. Beach

4.1. The general coastline of California is 840 miles long. This is one of the most beautiful beach, Venice Beach

4.1.1. Do you know how many kms it is? 1,352 km

5. Time zone

5.1. California has a time zone of GMT - 8 hours (GMT is the Greenwich Mean Time

5.1.1. For example, when it's 11:00 am in Budapest, then it's 3:00 am in California SO WHAT ARE THE CALIFORIAN PEOPLE DOING NOW? THEY ARE SLEEPING NOW!

6. Borders

6.1. It is bordered by • Oregon to the north • Nevada to the east and northeast • Arizona to the southeast • the Pacific Ocean to the west

7. Language

7.1. Official language

7.1.1. The main official language is of course English

7.2. Spoken language

7.2.1. The most common language spoken besides English is Spanish

8. Economy

8.1. California's $2.9 trillion economy is larger than that of any other state, larger than those of Texas and Florida combined

9. Most populous city

9.1. Los Angeles is California's most populous city (and the country's second most populous city, after New York City)

10. Area

10.1. California has an area of more than 163,000 sqare miles. It's about 424,000 square kilometers