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The Blitz by Mind Map: The Blitz

1. People

1.1. 43, 000 British civilians were killed

2. What is the Blitz ?

2.1. The Blitz was the name given to the bombing raids that Germany launched against Britain in 1940

3. The beginning and the end

3.1. The end

3.1.1. May 1941

3.2. The beginning

3.2.1. September 7, 1940

4. For eight months the Germany dropped bombs

4.1. On London, Birmingham, Conventry, Sheffield, Liverpool, Plymouth, Soutampton, Portsmouth and Manchester

5. Why ?

5.1. Adolf Hitler wanted to destroy all the factories and important industries

5.2. Hitler wanted to scare the British people to stop this time of calm and prosperity

6. Bombing raid

6.1. London was subjugated to Luftwaffe attacks for 76 consecutive nights

7. The Winner

7.1. England triumphed over Germans

7.2. The RAF (Royal Air Force) helped stop the Blitz