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My Network by Mind Map: My Network

1. My Dad-He was the personal bodyguard for Johnny Depp while he was working on 21 Jump Street

2. My Sister-has many friends

3. My Mother-My mother

4. 2nd cousins Eric and Carl-They are in a band

5. Cousin Baylee-She is my cousin and she in the UFC

6. Bobbi Briden-My sisters best friends mother is the assistant produce manager at walmart

7. Poojan Rai-She is my mothers boss and involved in the food industry

8. Madison Square Garden-One of their buddies performed there

9. UFC-The UFC is a large organization that is connected to many people

10. Johnny Depp-He is now a big celebrity

11. Walmart Ceo

12. Guy Fieri-Knows about food

13. Self Explanatory

14. Bruce Lee-UFC put him in a game

15. Hollywood