Protein Modeling Science Olympiad Event

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Protein Modeling Science Olympiad Event by Mind Map: Protein Modeling Science Olympiad Event

1. The event is for high school students.

2. Gallery from Previous Years

3. Judging the Pre-Build Model

4. Judging the On-Site Model

5. The Written Test

6. Basic Information

7. It is 9 - 11 am at Oregon State University, KIDD 033. You should arrive at least a half hour early to get set up.

8. Check out some sample tests (with keys) for ideas.

9. The date is Saturday, April 6th.

10. Prebuild model details & JSmol visualization. The prebuilt model should be residues 1-85 of the chain B of the anti-CRISPR protein.

11. The on-site model will be built with MiniToobers. You'll be given all the parts you need for the competitors, and a key.

12. Practice online environment, so you can see what the setup the students will have to work with will be. Your kit contains a unique url for a different protein.

13. Scoring Information has changed from the rules page. It is now 20% pre-built model, 40% on-site model, and 40% exam.