Web 2.0 Tools & Mobile Apps

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Web 2.0 Tools & Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Web 2.0 Tools & Mobile Apps

1. Collaborate

1.1. Edublogs

1.1.1. Web 2.0

1.1.2. These are blogs geared towards educational purposes. They're used by both students and teachers for reflection, facilitating, and collaborating.

1.1.3. Great for specific athletic teams, or players to use to promote the different programs.

1.2. Google Drive

1.2.1. Web 2.0

1.2.2. Allows storage and synchronization of specific documents and a shared calendar.

1.2.3. Great for uploading large files like videos and photos of games, or film.

1.3. MindMeister

1.3.1. Web 2.0

1.3.2. Used to visualize ideas and map thoughts. Also used to share and present ideas.

1.4. Yammer

1.4.1. App

1.4.2. Setup is similar to a social media networking site, but it's used for internal communication purposes.

1.5. Pinterest

1.5.1. Web 2.0 & App

1.5.2. A way to visually share and discover new interests or ideas related to a specific topic. Very interactive!

1.6. Wikis

1.6.1. Web 2.0

1.6.2. A way for multiple users to modify and edit specific content. Good for groups and lists.

2. Communicate & Connect

2.1. GroupMe

2.1.1. App

2.1.2. Great app to message athletes, or a group of people. Allows for polls and files to be uploaded like photos and videos.

2.2. Twitter

2.2.1. Web 2.0 & App

2.2.2. Social networking site used to communicate thoughts, ideas, and share news.

2.2.3. Great for sharing game play-by-plays, highlights, and sharing updates.

2.3. TeamWorks

2.3.1. App

2.3.2. Allows one location for teams to communicate, coaches to review academics, and everyone to remain on the same page

2.3.3. Best implemented at the collegiate level

2.4. TeamSnap

2.4.1. App

2.4.2. Allows scheduling, registration, club membership, and communication

2.4.3. Great at the high school, or club level, or for organizing and running tournaments

2.5. NIAAA

2.5.1. Web 2.0 & App

2.5.2. Used to learn about updates in the field, as well as rule changes, or upcoming professional development opportunities

2.6. Kahoot

2.6.1. Web 2.0 & App

2.6.2. Used to create quizzes and interact with students

2.6.3. Would be great to test memory of athletes scouting report

2.7. ClassDojo

2.7.1. App

2.7.2. Share updates and academics with parents, staff, and athletes

2.7.3. Would help build a team community

3. Content Creation

3.1. Instagram

3.1.1. App

3.1.2. Best used to capture moments in our athletic programs, and update our followers on daily happenings.

3.2. iPractice Builder

3.2.1. App

3.2.2. Used to organize and store athletic drills.

3.2.3. Available for lots of different sports.

3.3. YouTube

3.3.1. Web 2.0

3.3.2. Video sharing website that can be used to upload film or highlights and share with others. Also has ways to collaborate via comments, sharing, and liking

3.4. Hudl

3.4.1. Web 2.0 & App

3.4.2. Great way to share, upload, and communicate with athletic film.

3.5. Stonglifts 5x5

3.5.1. App

3.5.2. Customized weight training workouts made simple.

3.6. Wunderlist

3.6.1. App

3.6.2. Organization tool to get stuff done!

3.6.3. Create tasks and reminders that can also be shared with others

3.7. Prezi

3.7.1. Web 2.0

3.7.2. Easy way to create interactive presentations