Increase Revenue

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Increase Revenue by Mind Map: Increase Revenue

1. Increase volume of goods and services sold

1.1. Increase number of customers

1.1.1. Increase capacity (i.e., increase number of rooms) buy new hotels build new hotels

1.1.2. make existing capacity more accessible decreases prices change brand

1.2. Sell more Items per customer

1.2.1. improve customer loyalty for existing goods and services improve corporate customer loyalty improve private customer loyalty

1.2.2. offer new goods and services events private events corporate events

2. Increase price of goods and services sold

2.1. hotel room prices

2.1.1. Increase Prices without any changes to the rooms

2.1.2. make brand more premium to increase room prices qualitative change - use more premium language to brand the hotels quantitative change - renovate / improve hotel rooms

2.1.3. up-sell to more expensive rooms increase stay duration

2.2. non-hotel-room goods and services

2.2.1. room service increase prices offer new premium options

2.2.2. early check-in increase price (or introduce if not currently available) introduce very early check-in option

2.2.3. late check-out increase price (or introduce if not currently available) introduce very late check-out option

2.2.4. cancellation increase the price to cancel a book (or introduce this fee)

2.2.5. airport transfers increase the price of existing transfer offerings introduce new transfer routes (e.g., expand to include further airports)