Thermoregulation N116

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Thermoregulation N116 by Mind Map: Thermoregulation N116

1. cold

1.1. sweating

1.2. hypothermia

1.2.1. core temp >35

1.2.2. signs and symptoms poor coordaination stumbling irrationality hallucinations cyanosis pupil dilation decreased resp rate

1.2.3. treatment rewarming passive total core support of vital functions heart resps organs

2. Heat

2.1. fever

2.1.1. vasocintriction

2.1.2. prostaglandins shivering

2.1.3. risk factors young old dementia drugs alcohol chronic conditions

2.1.4. pyrogens exogenous toxins bacteria endogenous interleukin-1 IL-6 tumor necrosis factor

2.2. hyperthermia

2.2.1. increased temp WITHOUT thermostat reset

2.2.2. malignant autosomal metabolic muscle contractions heat ca2+ release excess

2.2.3. neuroleptic psychotrophic drugs dopamine receptors blocked causes

3. Negative feedback loop

3.1. hypothalamus