Reliability and Validity

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Reliability and Validity by Mind Map: Reliability and Validity

1. Split Half (Odd Even)

1.1. Students take each half of test. Scores should correlate.

1.1.1. Importance to assessment -most frequently used as it only needs one test.

2. New node

3. Concurrent Criterion

3.1. Correlates test scores with a criterion measure at the same time.

3.1.1. Importance to assessment - measures two tests (an old and a new tests) for similar criterion rate.

3.1.2. Importance to assessment - if students rank the same on both tests then new test is valid.

4. Content Validity

4.1. compares test items to objectives

4.1.1. Importance to assessment - checks if what is taught is what is tested.

4.1.2. Importance to assessment - shows how well content taught has been mastered.

5. Criterion Related Validity

5.1. Correlates test scores with external standards

6. Predictive Validity

6.1. Predicts future behaviors

6.1.1. Importance to assessment - for aptitude tests, predictive results New node

7. Construct Validity

7.1. Checks whether test results correspond with scores on other variables

7.1.1. Importance to assessment - results should correspond to what the teacher expects.

8. Test - Retest (Stability) Evidence

8.1. Give test twice - correlation in scores each time

8.1.1. Importance to assessment - depends on time interval - If too long then scores unreliable

9. Alternate Forms Equivalence Evidence

9.1. Two equivalence tests given - scores should be the same for both.

9.1.1. Importance to assessmetn - If scores are different, test is unreliable. Standardized tests need this reliability.

10. Internal Consistency Evidence

10.1. Items correlated with each other in consistent manner - includes equal difficulty levels.

10.1.1. Importance to assessment - good for content evaluation - if one item correct others should be correct.

10.1.2. Importance to assessment - only use if similar items measure a single concept

10.1.3. Importance to assessment - achievement scores inflated due to speeded sections

11. Kudez - Richardson