Gregory W. Berg

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Gregory W. Berg by Mind Map: Gregory W. Berg

1. Introduction

1.1. Education

1.1.1. I graduated from Oral Roberts University in 1985 with a BA in Biblical Literature and business administration.

1.1.2. I completed a Masters degree in theology in 2017, too.

1.1.3. I have not had a business class since 1985 - pre- PCs, Windows, Macs, Office and apps. I am looking forward to this program.

1.2. Business

1.2.1. I am a Vice President, Wealth Management Adviser, and Portfolio Manager with Merrill Lynch in Houston TX.

1.2.2. We work with high net worth individuals, business owners, and executives to plan a meaningful conversion from a corporate paycheck to a retirement paycheck.

1.2.3. I hold three professional designations, CPWA®, CRPC®, and CPFA. My team has been together since 2000.


1.4. Family

1.4.1. I celebrate my 26th anniversary with my wife on April 2nd.

1.4.2. We have a daughter and a granddaughter. They are close so we see them weekly.

1.4.3. They just traveled with us to Maui.

1.5. Personal

1.5.1. I am an avid traveler, having been to five continents and numerous countries. I enjoy photography while traveling.

1.5.2. I am a sports enthusiast, a memorabilia collector, and a coin collector.

1.5.3. I enjoy old movies and Humphrey Bogart.