Kelly Craig

Kelly's Duoethnography

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Kelly Craig by Mind Map: Kelly Craig

1. Thoughts on Diversity

1.1. Everyone comes from a different background

1.1.1. This should be acknowledged and CELEBRATED

1.2. Step outside of your comfort zone

1.2.1. We need to remember that everyone is different-- this is the best way that we can learn from one another! I learned more about myself and my own beliefs when I was teaching in Peru and also learning about others' beliefs

1.3. Learn from similarities and differences

1.4. Never make judgments on something that seems "different"

2. Memories of schooling

2.1. Innovative lesson plans having a positive impact on my schooling


2.2. Very serious teacher-- does not have a positive impact on students' learning

2.2.1. Many behaviour issues in the classroom

2.3. Appreciation for teachers who wanted to form relationships with their students

2.3.1. Shows they care!

2.4. Loved freedom of choice

2.4.1. Mainly started happening in university when I could choose my classes-- but why can't there be more choice in elementary school?

3. Values and Beliefs

3.1. Everyone should be accepted for who they are

3.2. Treat everyone in an equitable way

3.2.1. Everyone has different needs-- this should be addressed in the classroom in a respectful way

3.3. Diversity should be celebrated!