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Discussion by Mind Map: Discussion

1. How ICT Contributed to Learning

1.1. What aspects of technology used today would you utilise in the classroom?

1.2. Were there elements of this lesson that you would change?

1.3. How would you implement these technologies in your teaching area?

2. Key Concepts

2.1. SAMR

2.1.1. SAMR

2.2. Learning Spaces

2.2.1. Activities do not need to be done sitting around a desk.

2.2.2. Promotes movement as tasks can be completed outside of the classroom.

2.3. Learner Types

2.3.1. Visual

2.3.2. Auditory

2.4. Content Heavy

2.4.1. Provides logical and organised display of information.

2.4.2. Interactive information gathering - creates a more engaging learning environment for topics that may lack interest.

2.5. Entry level applications

2.5.1. Not daunting for students or teachers.

2.6. FUN!

3. Possible ICT Implementation Issues

3.1. Weebly

3.1.1. Lack of flexibility in the formatting and embedding documents.

3.1.2. Reliant on the internet.

3.1.3. Limited in it's application.

3.2. MindMeister

3.2.1. Time consuming.

3.2.2. Free version is limiting.

3.2.3. Some students don't engage with mind mapping tools.

3.3. ChatterPix

3.3.1. 30 second time limit.

3.3.2. Students could use the app inappropriately.

3.3.3. Informal.

4. ICT Tools

4.1. Weebly

4.2. MindMeister

4.3. ChatterPix