{OLD}EHF Community Map

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{OLD}EHF Community Map by Mind Map: {OLD}EHF Community Map

1. Community Tools

1.1. Overview of all tools

1.2. Cobudget Presentation

1.3. Community Portal

2. Session Formats & Guides

2.1. The Bubabuba (Sharing & Support Circles)

2.2. Guide to running cohort check-in calls

3. Misc

3.1. Favorite Books List

4. Events

4.1. Fellows Hui March 2019

4.1.1. Program

4.1.2. Event Purpose & Logistics Brief

4.1.3. Community Portal Group

4.1.4. Attendees

4.2. Local meetups

4.2.1. Wellington

4.2.2. Christchurch

4.3. Event Calendar

5. Further Resources

5.1. Welcome to NZ Map

5.2. EHF Contacts

5.3. What is this tool?

5.3.1. This is a knowledge map, a dynamic way to capture and share knowledge.

5.3.2. We are using it for the EHF community to capture key knowledge that is being created in our group.