Organising for Digital Transformation

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Organising for Digital Transformation by Mind Map: Organising for Digital Transformation

1. Competition is now between systems, not companies

1.1. How to design for ecosystemic collaboration

1.2. How our tech habits are holding us back

2. Autonomy and Alignment

2.1. Or how to unleash teams and talent

2.2. Ten ways to frustrate our precious hackers

3. Business models enabled by emerging technologies

3.1. How to boost value with digital innovation

3.2. Staying clear of commoditisation

4. Further thoughts

4.1. Data as Currency

4.1.1. How to tap into our hidden value

4.1.2. Stop missing out

4.1.3. Data is deserved, not collected

4.2. The change of paradigm also means new metrics

4.2.1. Learning over Efficiency

4.2.2. Innovation over Process

4.2.3. Chaos over Order

4.2.4. Open over proprietary

4.2.5. API over comfort