Seungju(Flora)'s SMART GOAL

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Seungju(Flora)'s SMART GOAL by Mind Map: Seungju(Flora)'s SMART GOAL

1. Personal

1.1. for my health I am going to work out at the gym every Tue. & Tur. during JIEI program. I am going to learn Filates twice a week after JIEI program.

1.2. for my money I am saving a half of my salary every month. After I save enough money, I will try to find a good building and buy it.

1.3. for my love I think I want to get married to my bf, now. But, I am not 100% sure of my marriage yet. I am going to have serious conversations to figure out the answer.

2. Professional

2.1. for my speaking skills I am speaking in English with my roommate in the dormitory everyday during JIEI program. I am going to record the news report once a week, and compare it to the original one.

2.2. for my teaching confidence I am going to write down 3 activities a week which I learned during classes, and I will try to adapt one new activities to every one lesson and figure out how it goes.

2.3. for my English knowledge (especially words) I am going to write down at least 3 words or expressions a day which I learned during classes. In the evening, I will spend 20 min. for organizing the new words in my notebook. On every Saturday, I will make a word test sheet, and on every Sunday, I will do the test by my self.