Dilema Divina

Bazat pe predica: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3j0MtY2rEA

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Dilema Divina by Mind Map: Dilema Divina

1. Daca Dumnezeu este drept, El nu te poate ierta.

1.1. If God is just, how does He justify wicked men?

1.1.1. This is the greatest problem in the Bible

1.2. If God would condemn everyone to hell, He would still be just with his judgement. Absolutely no need for any justification.

1.3. Cand Dumnezeu iarta pacatosul, atunci e nevoie de explicatii.

1.4. Cum poate Dumnezeu sa fie drept si in acelasi timp sa ierte oameni care merita pedeapsa.

2. Exodul 34:6-7 "Iarta faradelegea, razvratirea si pacatul, dar nu socoteste pe cel vinovat drept nevinovat..."

2.1. Iarta orice pacat

2.2. Vinovatii sunt vinovati

3. Proverbe 17:15 "Cel ce iarta pe vinovat si cel ce osandeste pe cel nevinovat sunt amandoi o scarba inaintea Domnului"

4. Romani 4:7 "Ferice, zice el, "de aceia ale caror faradelegi sunt iertate si ale caror pacate sunt acoperite!"

4.1. In ziua de azi, un judecator care acopera greseala, se numeste un judecator corupt.

4.2. Cum poate Dumnezeu doar sa acopere pacatul, ca si cum nu ar fi macar. Parca era un Dumnezeu sfant si drept in toate.

5. How can God truly be just, and cover sin?

6. Jesus Christ

7. God becomes a man

8. Lives a perfect life that no man could live.

9. God imputes the sins of His people on His Son.

9.1. When Jesus went into that Gethsamine garden, all Hell went lose on Him.

9.2. What was in the cup? The wrath of Allmighty God was in the cup.

10. Goes to a tree and absolutely every sin of His people was punished on that day.

10.1. Punished as Christ was abandoned by God, and was crushed under the wrath of His own father.

11. With His death. The dilemma was solved.

11.1. Romani 3:25 - "Ca sa-Si arate neprihanirea Lui" "This was to demonstrate His righteousness"

12. Now. How can one Man, which suffers only for a few short hours pay the price for all the sins from all the time for so many other men? How is that justice?

13. Because that one Man hanging on the cross, is worth more than all of them put together.

14. This is not all. This One who died, rose again from the dead.

15. Not only that, he ascended back into Heaven, he did that, as a man. Flesh of our flesh, bones of our bones.

16. The One who sits on the very throne of the Universe at this very moment, is one of our own. A man. God. Jesus. Our elder brother. Man exhalted (Evrei)