Save the bees

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Save the bees by Mind Map: Save the bees

1. bees are in decline

1.1. usually lose bees in winter but are replaced they haven't been being replaced

2. Help pollinate food

2.1. fruits nuts and vegs

2.2. 90% of worlds nurtition

3. pesticides, drought, habitat destruction, nutrition deficit, air pollution, global warming

4. humans at fault

5. the number of bee colonies per hectare has declined by 90 percent since 1962

6. Solution

6.1. Ban the most dangerous pesticides.

6.2. preserving wild habitat

6.3. Ecological farming takes advantage of the natural ecosystem services, water filtration, pollination, oxygen production, and disease and pest control

6.4. Plant native wildflowers

6.5. destroy your lawn (

6.6. make a PSA/put up signs


6.8. provide homes for bees ( )

7. Pesticides

7.1. Neonicotinoids destroy bees memory and navigation (

8. Global Warming

8.1. plant and amnimals are moving west (

9. CCD

9.1. majority of worker bees in a colony disappear and leave behind a queen

9.2. CCD has dropped from roughly 60 percent of total hives lost in 2008 to 31.1 percent in 2013


10. poor nutrition

10.1. nutritional deficits are coming from habitat loss (

11. habitat destruction

11.1. The global bees-decline is just a symptom of a failed industrial agricultural system based on ever increasing chemical and energy inputs (

12. air pollution

12.1. bees are finding it increasingly more difficult to locate flowers due to high levels of air pollution that interferes with the flower’s scent (


14. How can I educate people about the bees and spread awareness about the extinction?

15. Stats

15.1. honey bee decline from about 6 million hives in 1947 to 2.4 million hives in 2008, a 60 percent reduction