BIC Meeting Summary (11-18-2011)

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BIC Meeting Summary (11-18-2011) by Mind Map: BIC Meeting Summary (11-18-2011)

1. MPP

1.1. PNC

1.1.1. 67% 1st trimester

1.1.2. 3% 2nd trimester

1.1.3. 23% 3rd trimester

1.2. Births

1.2.1. 2009: 98

1.2.2. 2010: 126

1.2.3. 2011: 23

1.3. 2011 Participants

1.3.1. 54 left before delivery

1.3.2. 28 with unknown status

1.4. Retention Strategies

1.4.1. Make it about "program" not "worker" Peer Group Attachments for Retention Staff Personal Bios Staff Photos

1.4.2. "Centering Pregnancy" Model South Community Birth Program 35-minute DVD Kokua Kalihi Valley Lois Arakaki

2. Associating LAC Activities with MPP Priorities

2.1. Helpful for LAC members to understand purpose of LAC: MPP & Target population

2.2. MPP Staff input

2.2.1. December 5 @ 10:00am (Waimea) Eric to attend to get input Eric & Grace to connect & prepare

3. Local Health System Discussions

3.1. West Hawaii

3.1.1. OB Shortage Dr. Sira nearing retirement (~80 yo?) Dr. Ruiz Closing Jan 2012 Half of births at KCH $50 per PNC visit Spanish speaking January 2012: 2 births w/o PNC Letter of Concern Drafted by Barbara Choy & Sharon Bechler Signed by Charlene Taketa for WHI LAC Declining # OB accepting Quest Investigating how WHI CHC to fill in gaps KCH Privileges We're seeing more moms with no prenatal care Task Force Access to Care (incl WHI CHC)

3.1.2. Kona Community Hospital No Midwife privileges No Family Practitioner privileges

3.1.3. 30% WHI MPP clients cash-pay (no insurance) EHI MPP Clients: 90% Quest NHI MPP Clients: 87% Quest

3.2. Statewide Discussions on workforce shortage

3.2.1. Perinatal Advocacy Network statewide VCC Sen. Green suggested partnering with insurance companies Dr. Sakamoto Study on Rural Health Workforce Shortage

3.3. East Hawaii

3.3.1. Have Bay Clinic CHC

4. PNC Issues

4.1. Advocacy

4.1.1. This grant allows for it Continuation: due Dec 19

4.1.2. Fact Sheet

4.1.3. Newspaper article

4.1.4. Forum on "Access Issues & Healthy Outcomes"

4.2. Statewide

4.2.1. Upcoming DHS Cuts

4.2.2. Revisit of COFA & Hawaii impact

4.3. Hawaii Island PNC Access

4.3.1. OB Shortage

4.3.2. 70% "less than adequate PNC" (PRAMS)

4.3.3. Quest acceptance

4.3.4. Cash-pay Costs Global coverage $2200-$2400 Dr. Ruiz $50 Undocumented / uninsured

4.3.5. Hospital Privileges KCH Not Midwives Not Family Practitioners HMC Dr. Bucci, FMP

4.3.6. Midwives to fill gaps No State Licensure Not hospitable climate

4.4. Access vs. Quality of PNC

4.4.1. Universal Access will make greater difference with High Risk pregnancies

4.4.2. Access may not make significant difference with Normal pregnancies

4.4.3. Type of PNC may make more noticeable difference than increased Access