Digital Mastery

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Digital Mastery by Mind Map: Digital Mastery

1. Digital Capabilities

1.1. Customer Experience

1.1.1. Designing From Outside In

1.1.2. Creating Reach and Customer Engagement

1.1.3. Putting Customer Data at the Heart of the Experience

1.1.4. Meshing Physical and Digital Experience in New Ways

1.2. Core Operation

1.2.1. Operational Paradoxes Standardizing and Empowering Controlling and Innovating Orchestrating and Unleashing

1.3. Reinventing Business Model

1.3.1. Reinventing Industries

1.3.2. Substituting Products and Services

1.3.3. Creating New Digital Business

1.3.4. Reconfiguring Value Delivery Model

1.3.5. Rethinking Value Proposition

2. Leadership Capabilities

2.1. Crafting Digital Vision

2.1.1. Digital Vision Perspectives Revisioning The customer Experience Reenvisioning Operations Reenvisioning Business Models

2.1.2. Frame Transformative Digital Vision Identifying Strategic Assets Creating Transformative Ambitions Defining a Clear Intent and Outcome Evolving the Vision over Time