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Centaur Publications Comics (Mar. 1938 - Dec. 1940) by Mind Map: Centaur Publications Comics (Mar. 1938 - Dec. 1940)
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Centaur Publications Comics (Mar. 1938 - Dec. 1940)

Distributed by Kable?

1940 Death due to?

Files for Bankruptcy Nov. 1940 (MF)

Poor Distribution (HA)

Market Glut (BH)

General economic growth fine (TR)

War (TW)

Not paper rationing cause it didn't start till Spring of 1942 (Batt)

Drop in Comic book and all print circ and glut of comics (MF)

Pulps 1933-1934

Conflict (Sum. 1933 - Sep/Oct 1934)

Kable Distribution Connection?

Related Companies

Ultem Publications (1937-1938)

Comic Corporation of America CCA (1939-1942)

Harle Publications

C. & A. Publishing Co.

Titles (per GCD)

Amazing Mystery Funnies

Comic Pages

Cowboy Comics

Detective Eye


Funny Pages

Funny Picture Stories

Keen Detective Funnies

Keen Komics

Little Giant Comics

Masked Marvel

Star Comics

Star Ranger

Star Ranger Funnies

Super Spy

The Arrow

Uncle Joe's Funnies

Wham Comics

Amazing Adventure Funnies

Little Giant Detective Funnies

Little Giant Movie Funnies


Owned as of Sept 1938 by Centaur Publications, Harle Publications, Raymond J. Kelly, S. J. Fried

Funny Picture Stories v3#1 (Jan 1939) Statement of Ownership

Owned as of Sept 1939 by Centaur Publications, Raymond J. Kelly, S. J. Fried, Joseph J. Hardie, E. L. Angel

Amazing Mystery Funnies v3#1 (Jan 1940) or Funny Pages v4#1 (Jan 1940) Statement of Ownership


Office of Publication: 420 De Soto Avenue, St. Louis, MO (Nov 1938 - Oct 1940)

Amazing Mystery Funnies v1 #3 (1938) Star Ranger Funnies v2 #5 (Oct. 1939) Funny Picture Stories v3 #1 ( Jan 1940) thru Super Spy #1 (Oct. 1940)

Office of Publication: 221 East 20th St., Chicago IL (Nov. 1940)

Wham Comics #1 (Nov 1940)

Editorial and Executive Offices: 461 Eighth Ave., NY NY (Nov. 1938)

Amazing Mystery Funnies v1 #3

Editorial and Executive Offices: 220 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY (Jan 1939 - Dec 1939)

Funny Picture Stories v3#1   (Jan 1939) thru Keen Detective Funnies v2#12  (Dec 1939)

Editorial and Executive Offices: 215 Fourth Avenue, New York, NY (Jan 1940 - Nov. 1940)

Amazing Mystery Funnies v3 #1 (Jan 1940) thru Wham Comics #1 (Nov 1940)


Steranko's Histories

Alter Ego #87

Alter Ego #91

Benton's Comic Book In America (1989)

New York Times 1940

Chesler studio supplied material