A startup guide for web development and content marketing, click the arrow to learn more.

My complete web development experience guide in a nutshell

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A startup guide for web development and content marketing, click the arrow to learn more. by Mind Map: A startup guide for web development and content marketing, click the arrow to learn more.

1. Website learning resources

1.1. Andrewchen.co, growth hacking ideas

1.2. Backlinko.com, the SEO expert

1.3. Growthhacker.com

1.4. Quora.com

1.5. searchengineland.com

1.6. nichehacks.com

1.7. Moz.com

1.7.1. SEO Tools

1.7.2. Quizzes

1.7.3. Premium Marketing Content

1.8. Investopedia.com

1.8.1. Investing Strategies

1.8.2. Terminologies

2. Site Stats Tools

2.1. builtwith.com

2.2. alternativeto.net, this tool is useful if you want to find out the alternative competitors in any niche.

2.3. codecanyon.net

2.4. web security tool

2.5. similarweb.com

2.5.1. traffic report

2.5.2. advertising report

2.5.3. search report

2.5.4. Audience niche

2.5.5. Mobile app

2.6. spyfu.com

2.6.1. Keyword report

2.6.2. Advertising report

2.6.3. Backlinks report

2.6.4. competitor report

2.7. copyscape.com

2.8. socialmention.com

2.9. monitorbacklinks.com

2.10. Grammarly.com

2.11. rankoffer.com offers SEO script download

2.12. Google trend tool

2.13. Google Keyword Planner

3. Self-improvement Journey

3.1. Book reading

3.1.1. investment books like 'The intelligent investor' and 'The Alchemy of Finance' Warren Buffett George Soros Ray Dalio

3.1.2. Philosophy Books Ancient Greek philosophy ideas

3.1.3. Mathematics Books Mathematics in Western culture What Is Mathematics? An Elementary Approach to Ideas and Methods Introduction to Mathematical Philosophy

3.1.4. Psychology Books Market price prediction human behaviors Healing depression improve a relationship Study social issues cognitive psychology

3.1.5. Business books The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business Harvard business review Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind Business Model Generation Viral Loop: From Facebook to Twitter, How Today's Smartest Businesses Grow Themselves Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

4. Tools for building a site

4.1. Inmotionhosting.com based by my many years of personal experience

4.1.1. friendly and prompt technical support

4.1.2. Rich Customer Service

4.1.3. 14-Year CNET Certified

4.1.4. A+ Rating

4.1.5. Over 27,000 customer compliments in 2016

4.1.6. 30-day Money-back Guarantee

4.1.7. 99.999% Uptime Guarantee

4.1.8. 24/7 U.S. Based Support

4.1.9. FREE Setup by Managed Hosting

4.1.10. Get up to 47% OFF Dedicated Servers

4.1.11. Really affordable pricing structure

4.2. Wordpress platform, this a NO 1 choice for a beginner to build a site

4.2.1. WordPress Plugins Buttons X-Lite W3 Total Cache Ad Inserter Google Analytics Dashboard for WP Hupso Share Buttons for Twitter, Facebook & Google+ monitorbacklinks.com NextScripts.com WP Viral Quiz WPS Hide Login Loginizer Yoast SEO Post Views Counter Social Locker | BizPanda Contact Form 7 Keyword Difficulty Tool Easy Digital Downloads AMP OneSignal Set up the cloudflare.com CDN will greatly help you increase your page loading speed. blog2social social media auto posting tool affiliatewp.com, this is the tool to build an affiliate referral site. easydigitaldownloads.com, this is the tool that allows buyers to download the digital product.

4.2.2. woocommerce.com, The eCommerce platform for WordPress.

4.3. cloudflare.com

4.4. Shopify.com

5. Marketing Automation Tools

5.1. Tailwindapp for Pinterest

5.2. Wordpress Blog2Social

5.3. Hubspot

5.4. Google Search Console

5.5. Google Analytic

5.6. Marketo

5.7. Mailchimp

5.8. Salesforce

5.9. AdRoll

5.10. Customer.io

5.11. BuzzSumo

5.12. shopify.com

5.13. ifttt.com

5.14. Tweepi

5.15. Zapier

6. Affordable Advertising

6.1. outbrain.com

6.2. Reddit Ad

6.3. Facebook Ad

6.4. digitalpoint.com

6.5. prnewswire.com

6.6. Adwords

6.7. warriorforum.com

6.8. quora.com

6.9. taboola.com

6.10. BuySellAds.com

6.11. offervault.com

7. Content Strategy

7.1. SEO

7.1.1. On page SEO Use SEO-Friendly URLs Start Title With targeted Keyword Add Modifiers To Your Title Wrap Your Blog Post Title in an H1 Tag headline tag Multimedia content proper embed Wrap Subheadings in H2 Tags Drop Keyword in First 100 Words Use Responsive Design Use Outbound Links Use Internal Links Boost Site Speed Image Optimization Use Social Sharing Buttons Most importantly, always create unique exceptional content that breaks through the massive information competition noise that will help your content rank higher on Google search results, and shared by the like-minded fans. Boost Dwell Time Repeat visitors Time on site Check Google analytic bound rate Google searches for your brand Install Cloudflare.com for faster page loading speed

7.1.2. Off page SEO Links and off-page SEO on-page links Manually built links Self-created links build more internal links Non-link-related off-site SEO Social media marketing Guest blogging Linked and unlinked brand mentions Influencer marketing Infographics Submission visual.ly reddit.com/r/Infographics piktochart.com Document Sharing issuu.com slideshare.net calameo.com reddit.com/r/Infographics Article Submission hubpages.com quora.com blog reddit.com post EzineArticles.com eHow.com media sites that allow guest post, such as huffpost.com. Question and Answer ehow.com quora.com stackoverflow.com reddit forum Blog Directory Submission Forum posting Social Bookmarking Sites Social Media Engagement Contribute as Guest Author

7.1.3. Link Building strategy Create unique exceptional content, people only want to link to the good content and make themselves look good. Mention of an influencer in your article will boost chances of your content getting shared infographic design mind mapping content scientific research article unexpected mind blowing content well research lengthy content social proven content technical useful content contagious content man and women love drama content

7.1.4. Growth hacking OutReach email marketing Guest post engaged influencer viral content social media engagement niche community forum Press release viral loop viral loop strategy Understand How viral loop work? How to design a viral loop User funnel: how users come to your site Instant gratification: how to make users share your content with instant reward mechanism. How to design a reward Mechanism Check your analytic report for actionable insight iterate and adapt the marketing changes Examples Learning resources Coding Skill API Design Skill SEO Skill Viral share tip Analytics skill Marketing sales funnel strategy

7.1.5. Niche marketing Environmental green marketing protecting our natural resources climate change green movement Computers social media marketing content marketing pay-per-click marketing (PPC) email marketing Music video marketing social marketing Fashion latest social trends youth-oriented strategies Online fashion items Mobile marketing mobile portals Engineering firms engineering problem specialists special types of buildings machinery for certain purposes Travel and Tourism digital marketing websites social media pages television Radio

7.1.6. How to identify your niche audience in untapped market segmentation to stay away from the cruel competition? audience persona market segmentation demographic segmentation online survey tool offline survey in person interview the war happened in customers' cognitive brain filter, not outside. competition reduces profit and put you out of business identify your unique value proposition you don’t have a sustainable business model if people filter your marketing message in their brain. Book recommendation: Positioning by AI Ries trendhunter.com Google Trend and keyword planner tools to identify a profitable niche

7.2. Email marketing

7.3. Research / White Papers

7.4. Infographics

7.5. Social Networks

7.6. Document Sharing

7.7. Word of Mouth

7.8. Podcasting

7.9. Q+A Sites

7.10. Social Bookmarking

7.11. Direct / Referring Links

7.12. Forums

7.12.1. moz.com

7.12.2. warriorforum.com

7.12.3. digitalpoint.com

7.12.4. reddit.com/r/bigseo/, reddit.com/r/SEO/.

7.13. Online Video

7.14. Comment Marketing

7.15. Webinar

7.16. Blogs + Blogging

7.17. NEWS, Media / PR

8. The most important advice I can give: if you only have limited resources like money, energy and time which you probably in this situation when startup business, then you should only focus on identify your niche audience and creating the exceptional content for them, the marketing should come as a second alternative. Because the content will always help bring the traffic and present who you are, but marketing only stays there for a short period of time.