Research Proposal Structure

This diagram outlines the elements that should be included in a research proposal.

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Research Proposal Structure by Mind Map: Research Proposal Structure

1. Background and Rationale

1.1. Background and issues of your proposed research

1.2. Your discipline

1.3. Short literature review

1.4. Summary of key debates and developments in the field

2. Research Questions

2.1. Which problems and issues are to be explored?

2.2. Why are they worth exploring?

3. Research Methodology

3.1. The theoretical resources to be drawn on

3.2. The research approach (theoretical framework)

3.3. The research methods appropriate for the proposed research

3.4. A discussion of advantages as well as limits of particular approaches and methods

4. Plan of Work and Time Schedule

4.1. Outline of the various stages and corresponding time lines

5. Bibliography

5.1. A list of references to key articles and texts discussed within your research proposal

5.2. A selection of sources appropriate to the proposed research