upward patellar fixation

upward patellar fixation

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upward patellar fixation by Mind Map: upward patellar fixation

1. permanent

2. defination

2.1. pathological condition of the stiffle medial patellar ligament becomes hunged over the medial trochlear ridge

3. causes

3.1. straight hindlimb confirmation

3.2. overstreching of the patellar lig

3.3. loss of the quadriceps femoris mtone

3.4. secondary to neurological disease

3.5. hypererextension of the stiffle &ward rotation of the limb

4. signs

4.1. the limb cannot be flexed

4.1.1. the affected limb extendedin acaudally abducted position

4.2. temporary

4.3. jerk up quickly

4.4. foot dragging

4.5. backing is very difficult

5. treatment

5.1. injection of counterirritants into middie & medial patellar ligs

5.2. medial patellar lig splitting

5.3. MPD

6. complications

6.1. gonitis

6.2. in complete severing of the lig

6.3. lacerated wound

6.4. open joint

6.5. paralysis