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My Goals by Mind Map: My Goals

1. I will not submit work late

2. I will praise my students everyday at least 5 students

3. I will not be late everyday for work

4. I will prepare my class before 3 days

5. I will read a book everyday for 20 min.

6. I will write a journal twice a week

7. I will go to music band once a week

8. I will ride a bike on Saturday for 30min

9. I will say thank you to my family every weekend at least once

10. I will travel every year with my family

11. JIEI

12. School

13. I will consult my homeroom 2 students everyday

14. I will simulate what I'm going to do in my class at least one time

15. Work

16. I will speak in English in dorm for 1 hour

17. Hobbies

17.1. I will listen to music every day for 30 min.

18. I will play the piano for 1 hour on weekend

19. I will go for a work for 30 min. everyday

20. I will have a talk with my family for 1 hour on weekend

21. Health

21.1. I will eat healthy food everyday

22. Family

23. Personal Goals

24. Professional Goals