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My Goal by Mind Map: My Goal

1. Professional Goals

1.1. At JIEI

1.1.1. I will write a journal every other day and practice how to deliver my idea in a clear way. Also I will speak only in English with my roommate while we are in the dormitory.

1.1.2. Every day from each class, I will pick up at least one teaching strategy or skills from instructors.

1.2. At home

1.2.1. I will read two chapters of an English book on weekends. Also I will read 3 news articles before I go to bed and take a note of new words or expressions.

1.3. At school

1.3.1. I will try one new teaching method or strategy every month to find out what would work for me and my class the best.

1.3.2. I will finish my class 5 minutes early so that I can ask and answer about the class of that day. From students' feedback, I will keep trying to develop my teaching.

2. Personal Goals

2.1. Health

2.1.1. I will do yoga at home at least 30 minutes every day. Also, I will walk around my place for 1 hour during on weekends with my husband.

2.1.2. I won't eat after 6. Also I wil eat fruits every morning and less salty food.

2.2. Family

2.2.1. I will call my parents and every day in order not to miss every thing happens to my parents.

2.3. vacation

2.3.1. I will go camping near the sea with my people during the summer vacation. If the weather is nice, I will go fishing.